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Your business isn’t one dimensional,
your Point-of-Sale shouldn’t be either.

Simple & Smart

Not too little, not too much, just right.

Simple & Smart

LINK is simple and beautiful, yet versatile and powerful.

Multiple Screens

  • The right tool. At the right time.

    The right tool. At the right time.

    Delight your Customers, Servers, and Kitchen crew with screens dedicated entirely to making their live better. Less taps, less pop-ups, less confusion, and more productivity makes everyone happier.

  • Customer


    Customers will love you even more when they preview their order, swipe, tip & sign on their own screen. No need to tilt, twirl or explain.

  • Kitchen


    Keep the kitchen flowing with instant updates from out front and time tracking in back. Even send different items to separate screens or printers.

  • Server


    One tap to add, remove, modify or discount items will delight your staff. Better yet, staff can even clock in and out right there.

  • Payment


    Cash, Credit, Gift Card, Split Tender. Accept payment, apply discounts, or even remove items all from the same screen. You can even track which screen your customers are on.

Focus on Great Service

  • LINK fits your unique business, instead of making it fit you.

    LINK fits your unique business, instead of making it fit you.

    Classy, Modern or Classy-Modern, LINK allows you to manage your entire process flow while keeping the atmosphere & image you want. We fit your unique business, instead of making you fit ours.

  • Suggest


    Let us suggest the next best table for your guests so you can focus on customers instead of calculating server capacity. Manage wait times by quickly seeing which tables will be available soon.

  • Top Down

    Top Down

    Raise the roof & manage your floor with Ninja-speed; merge tables, create server areas, and turn tables on or off. One tap to seat, order, while easily tracking progress.

  • Layout


    Quickly drag & drop tables, change seat count or delete tables, even automatically re-number them.

  • Open Orders & Tabs

    Open Orders & Tabs

    Start an order or open a tab & save it for later. Quickly filter only your orders or all by notes or tab name to resend, modify or pay.

Knowledge Is Power

  • We are confident you know your business, now understand it better than ever.

    We are confident you know your business, now understand it better than ever.

    LINK allows you to access all your data from sales & customers to inventory. Better yet, it is all real-time and accessible 23.94/7 from anywhere the internet is.

  • Easy Reports

    Easy Reports

    Simple, yet meaningful reports give you useful information to actually run your business, no need for a CPA or MBA.

  • Real Customer Tracking

    Real Customer Tracking

    Customers are kinda important. With LINK, you can actually track individual customers for a better understanding of your business. Best yet, it is all automatically stored and tracked through the normal course of business. No extra taps, clicks or swipes.

  • Inventory


    It is usually important to actually have stuff to sell... okay, it's critical. LINK tracks your inventory usage to make sure you never run out. No crazy report runs or spreadsheets necessary.

  • The Past is Present

    The Past is Present

    Open past orders to send, print or even Void if needed. LINK makes it easier to keep customers happy.